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Hi folks!

Well, as the UK tour races towards its Ultimate Conclusion I’ve decided to make available a live DIY documentary style film I smashed together on tour back in May!

It’s called The Robert Gillow Tapes and was recorded live at the Robert Gillow in Lancaster and while rolling around the countryside on the Northern Rail.

From an artistic point of view, it’s a bit of a strange one as I simply let the camera roll at a poorly attended gig at 10am and decided I’d just wing it. This is, I suppose, what my rehearsals would be like, if I ever needed to rehearse!

Camera gremlins ate up a lot of the original material, so you get an insight into some of the more oblique cover material that I play but would never probably go out of my way to record!

Plus there’s a new original song called Farewell (I’m Not Coming Home), which I wrote on the road. Enjoy!

-Benny x

Paul Keating Calls West Australian the Worst Newspaper In Australia

Australia’s funniest and therefore best Prime Minister shuts down a bit of populist sensationalism from Western Australia’s tabloid rag.

Review - The Debt Stars @ Maguires Bar (Liverpool) w/ Kynchinlay, Elmo and the Styx & Benny Mayhem



While trawling through NME to see what nonsense they’ve been printing about us this week we came across a review of The Libertines penned by the band’s very own Pete Doherty…

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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
My three favourite #London expressions:

1) the greeting “you alright?” - yes mate I am, but it’s a jungle out there, so thank you, genuinely, for asking

2) The Tube. It fucking is an actual tube. Under the ground. With trains. Look at them go! Wooopwoopwoop wooop

3) “Keep Calm Carry On” - this mantra has probably saved thousands of lives

Sometimes I write songs, sometimes other foax write songs. Here’s some I didn’t write #influences #updated


Magnificent! Project Mayhem Australia is now on Spotify!! If you’re not on Spotify btw you cray ;-)

Sheer terror on the B-roads of ScotlandTour Journal – Scotland
Date: 13 December 2014Transport: Hire car.
Depart: Dumfries.Arrive: DailleyView Post

Sheer terror on the B-roads of Scotland

Tour Journal – Scotland

Date: 13 December 2014
Transport: Hire car.
Arrive: Dailley

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1) the title sequence where Bart steals the bus stop
2) the episode where Smithers is black
3) the episodes where Barney is blonde
4) black-haired Chief Wiggum; and
5) short-tempered Homer